Sunday, August 16, 2009

Natural Handmade Soap by Labyrinth

Natural Handmade Soap by Labyrinth
Ahhhh finally! As you all might have noticed it's been a few days since I featured a rose soap. Well I was having a tough time finding one that I was happy with featuring. Then today VOILA!! There it is, I found it.

This soap by Labyrinth I'm sure you all will agree is gorgeous, I love the presentation, the look and the description.

"The nurturing properties attributed to the rose are believed to help relieve stress, exhaustion, and even anger. Its balancing action can help both re-hydrated skin and balance the secretions of oily skin. It is associated with assisting the reduction of scar tissue and improving the appearance of dry, tired, mature, or irritated skin. It may also help reduce the symptoms of eczema and assist the repair of broken capilliaries. But beware - the rose is also considered to be an aphrodisiac!"

As they say roses are good for all skin types, particularly ideal for dry, mature and irritated skin. So I hope you are all happy with the selection today. It took some work to find this one, but I love it.

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