Sunday, March 20, 2011

Goat Milk Tea Rose Soap with Rose Petals by bonbonbathhouse

 I'm back from a long break after moving!  So back to blogging :-)  I found this lovely soap on Etsy this morning and thought it was perfect to share here.  Hope you all take the time to visit the Bon Bon Bathhouse!  Love that name too.

Goat Milk Tea Rose Soap with Rose Petals by bonbonbathhouse:
"Goat Milk soap is wonderful for your skin. Our goat milk soap has real goat milk in it and not that powdered stuff. We take Natural coconut oil, palm oil and soybean oil, mix them in with real creamy goat milk and pour into handmade molds. The top is sprinkled with delicate rose petals and the scent is so romantic. Each bar is a little work of art and the smell is amazing. It will linger on you if you soak in the tub with it. Lovely!"

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    1. Hello:)
      your blog it;s a real inspiration. I'am not sure which are the selection criteria but would be happy to show you a soap made with floral rose water, rose petals, red clay and essential oils of palmarosa, ylang-ylang and bergamont. An environmentally friendly soap without palm oil which is replaced with cocoa butter. The method of obtaining the soap is cold process (CP).

      Here is the picture, is true not very profesional:)

      Regards from Romania/Transylvania